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What is WaterDance?

Knees over Shoulder WaterDance (also known as WATA and WasserTanzen) is a dynamic movement therapy above and below water. It was developed in 1987 by Peter Schröter and Arjana C. Brunschwiler. The practitioner follows the breath of the receiver, signaling manually before each submerging. The partner wears a noseclip and is guided into the weightless, three-dimensionality of the underwater world. Extensions, stretches, flexions, dolphin-like movements and snake-like rhythms release not only on the physical level, but allow the deepest states of relaxation and meditation to be experienced, sometimes even returning us to memories of the womb. The dive reflex activates and the breath and heart rate slow down. It is a profound therapy, in which time and space lose their meaning. Life and being become a flow. Regression often occurs in which wounds from the past can be effortlessly processed. WaterDance offers us, on the one hand, a strong and powerful therapeutic instrument, and on the other hand, a form of energy work and bodywork. Play, surrender, flow and harmony all combine in a unique manner in the warm water.

Here is anotherWaterDance I video link:
The Footsnake

Here are two additional WaterDance II video links:
The Carousel
The Knee Snake

Click on these links for PDF versions of the training manuals for WaterDance® I and II

WaterDance I Written Manual
Water Dance I Photo Manual

WaterDance I apostila em portugu๊s

WaterDance II Written Manual
Water Dance II Photo Manual Part 1

Water Dance II Photo Manual Part 2

Water Dance II Photo Manual Part 3

You will need Adobe Reader to open these PDF files. For a free download of the latest version of Adobe Reader click on the pretty red button. The links below feature individual articles from the manuals.

WaterDance: Table of Contents
The Return to Water
Fathoming WaterDance
The Origins of WaterDance, by Aman
What is WaterDance?
WaterDance Compared to Watsu
The Elements of WaterDance
Technical Notes
The Phase of Initial Submerging
The Hands
The Movement Categories
The Aura in Water, an interview with energy therapist, Manuel Schoch

Breath Tecniques for Water Distress Therapy by Ilana Lam
Clinical Applications of WaterDance, an interview with Erez Beautus
An Interview with Avital Baduach
An Interview with Roni Zehavi-Oz
Sessions in the Sea
Interactive WaterDance
What Do I Say?
A WaterDance Feedback Form

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